Spring is full of new beginnings. Make a fresh start with your family by planning special ways to celebrate spring.

Six Ways to Celebrate Spring

Posted on February 22, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy
Spring is full of new beginnings. Make a fresh start with your family by planning special ways to celebrate spring.

Spring is right around the corner, and with it we can expect more sunshine and the first signs of new life. The changing of seasons is always exciting and brings good opportunities for celebration to family life. Here are six ways your family can celebrate spring while enjoying one another’s company.

Plan an Ice Cream Date

With the weather warming back up, few things bring more joy than ice cream. Whether you grab a cone in the drive through or make a special trip to an ice cream shop, sharing a sweet treat will make ringing in the new season extra special. You can make the day even better by taking your treats to a playground or on a walk to soak up some sunshine.

Plant Flower Seeds

The time is here to begin planting early seeds! Celebrate spring with your child by choosing seeds to plant together. If you need help, visit a local nursery and ask what plants are best suited to planting this time of year. Then plant the seeds with your child’s help, either in your yard or in pots, and ask your child to assist you in caring for them. Your whole spring will be fun of anticipation and joy as you watch your seed grow and then finally bloom!

Take a “Hike”

While small children may struggle with a real hike, having an outdoor adventure is good for kids of any age. Choose a sunny day, put on sturdy shoes, and pack water and a snack or lunch. Then head somewhere else with a walking trail. Spend time watching the wildlife and enjoying your walk together, then find a nice spot to eat together. There’s an extra bonus if you choose somewhere like Lenora Park in Snellville, since the park has both a walking trail and a playground!

Bring Spring Home

Spring cleaning is a frequent undertaking for many people this time of year. While you may not have the time to tackle a big cleaning project, your family can certainly reclaim your home from the cold and wet of winter. Work together to wipe windows, sweep porches, and clear leaves. Then take a trip to the store to buy several bunches of flowers to brighten up your home. Open your window shades and celebrate springtime sun!

Make a Bird Feeder

Birds are often hungry as spring arrives since they are either returning from their journeys south or are running low on the food they stored for winter. That makes this time of year perfect for creating a bird feeder. To make a simple feeder, simply use a bare cardboard tube from bathroom tissue and cover it in a nut or seed butter (such as peanut butter). Once the tube is covered, roll it in birdseed. That’s all it takes! Hang your feeder outside, and the birds will find it quickly. Position it outside a window to observe the birds who visit.

Visit Outdoor Attractions

Spring is the perfect time to make a trip to the Atlanta Zoo or Stone Mountain. The weather is pleasant, but it isn’t peak season yet, so the attendance is lower and more manageable. If there are places you enjoy visiting when the weather is nice, try to take advantage of the early spring days to avoid fighting crowds.

Spring is full of new beginnings. Make a fresh start with your family by planning special ways to celebrate spring. Even just spending time outdoors will lift your spirits. Are you looking for childcare in the Snellville area that values celebration and family togetherness? Consider Legacy Academy Snellville. Call or visit today for more information.