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What Makes a Summer Program Worthwhile?

Posted on July 9, 2020 : Posted in Legacy Academy
summer program

Considering a summer program for your child? After all of the isolation and uncertainty of this year, a summer program can help your child regain a bit of normalcy. Of course, you don’t want to sign your child up for just any program. You’ll want to make sure that it’s worthwhile. So, what should you look for in a summer learning experience? We’ve listed some of the most important factors that make a summer experience worth it. 

It Has an Engaging Theme 

First, look for a good program theme. Does it have a theme other than “this is a summer program”? A good theme can tie a whole summer experience together. It gives the program some structure. Plus, an engaging theme can make a program fun and appealing for your child. As you take a look at different themes, ask yourself which ones are most likely to hold your child’s attention. Which ones will your child find the most fun? Look for themes that engage your child’s curiosity, spark questions, and help your child look forward to attending their program every day. 

It’s Educational 

Speaking of sparking curiosity, the best summer programs are educational summer programs. If you’re picturing a room full of children doing math problems or practicing the violin all day, we’re going to stop you right there. An educational program can still be a fun one. As a matter of fact, the best summer program directors don’t see fun and education as opposites. They blend them together to help children associate learning with fun. 

It Has Excellent Safety Standards 

Of course, it’s very important to make sure that your child’s summer program is a safe place to be. Ask your child’s program director about their safety standards. What is their plan for emergencies, for example? Do they have first aid kits available? Do staff members know CPR? When you can rest assured that your child is safe, you can feel good about bringing them to their summer program. 

It’s Run by Childcare Experts 

A good summer program is a program run by childcare experts. Some summer programs are full of leaders who just needed a summer job and aren’t particularly interested in working with children. That’s too bad, because childcare is a skill, and your child deserves to interact with adults who have that skill. 

The good news is that some summer programs are indeed run by childcare experts. These programs include teachers, preschool directors, and others who have dedicated their careers to helping children thrive. If you’ve found one of these programs, chances are good that you’ve found an excellent summertime environment for your child. 

Summer Programs at Legacy Academy 

Are you looking for a fun, educational, and worthwhile summer program for your child? Then take a look at the Quest for the Unknown program at Legacy Academy. At this program, Legacy Academy’s childcare experts will lead your child on an adventure of learning and exploration. If your child needs some structure and peer to peer interaction this summer, then Legacy Academy has exactly what your child needs. 

Legacy’s summer program has high standards, both for its educational value and for safety. Have questions? Get in touch with us to ask about your safety standards or how you can enroll your child. Our team would love to have a chat with you.